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11,043 people above 18 years of age have so far been vaccinated in Monze district against convid-19

More than 11,043 out of a total target of 131,601 people above 18 years of age have so far been vaccinated in Monze district against convid-19 since the massive vaccinations campaign started this year.

In an interview yesterday District Health Promotions Officer, Ms Jane Yayenga said  the re-launch of the massive vaccinations against convid-19 by President Hakainde Hichilema last
Month has seen a tremendous improvement in people turning out to be vaccinated in the District.
Ms Yayenga said the vaccination drive has also been boosted after the District received 10,000 doses of Johnson and Johnson and AstraZeneca vaccines over the weekend adding that these were distributed in the 42 health facilities across the District.

She noted that the overwhelming response from people in the District to get vaccinated was very encouraging, saying- the fight against the pandemic requires both vaccinations and strict adherence to the health guidelines of washing hands regularly, wearing masks, avoiding crowded places , and handshakes.

“ When we started this vaccination drive early this year we faced a lot  of resistance from people  who vehemently refused to be jabbed but we are now seeing a great improvement in people wanting to get vaccinated since the relaunch of the vaccination  campaign  by the
Head of State. So far, we have vaccinated more than 11,043 out of our target of 131,601 people above 18 years in the District,” said Ms Yayenga.

“Also I think the positive response from people to get vaccinated could have emanated from fears of the eminent new convid-19 variant called Omicron which has so far been reported in the country and many other countries across the globe,” she added.

Ms Yayenga further encouraged more people to get vaccinated to boost their immune systems and be able to reduce serious illness from the pandemic. She also called on all Monze residents to strictly adhere to the health guidelines set out by the government through the Ministry of Health.

Meanwhile, Ms Yayenga says 3 people who tested positive for the convid-19 delta variant  have since been discharged while four were still under community based health care models.



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