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BOZ donates mobility aids all worth K50, 000 to Persons with disabilities in Monze district.

The Bank of Zambia (BOZ) through itssocial corporate responsibility has donated mobility aids all worth K50, 000 to Persons with disabilities in Monze district.

The donated items include 12 wheel chairs worth K16, 600, 14 frames worth K8, 840, and arms scratches worth K7, 560.

And Health Help Zambia (HHZ) Board Chairperson Mr. Fancy Gondwe has called on the government to urgently look into the problems of women with disabilities who are often impregnated and abandoned by able bodied persons.

Officially handing over the donated items yesterday, Monze District Commissioner Mr. Mwanza Malambo says the donated wheelchairs, scratches and frames will go a long way in alleviating mobility challenges faced with persons with disabilities.

Mr Malambo who was represented by Monze District Council Deputy Secretary Mr. Sydney Hamoya says government was highly indebted to the Bank of Zambia as well as other international organisations such as Health Help International that have continued to support persons with disabilities not only in Monze but across the country.

“ I would say  the New Dawn government is highly indebted  to the Bank of Zambia as well as other international organisations that have continued to offer assistance in any form to persons with disabilities in our country and thus alleviate their plight,” said Mr. Malambo.

He further says the Bible admonishes everyone to take care of the poor or disadvantaged in society as doing good works compels Heaven to celebrate.

He also thanked HHZ for making frantic efforts to better the lives of persons with disabilities through requests made to the Central Bank to help with mobility aids especially in the midst of convid-19 as this will address mobility challenges.

“I also want to thank HHZ here in Monze for taking the interest of persons with disabilities at heart through request to the Bank of Zambia and indeed other organisations to come to the aid of our people to ease their mobility challenges more so during these difficulties
times of convid-19,”   said Mr. Malambo.

Meanwhile, the District Commissioner has implored parents who have children with disabilities to stop the habit of ‘hiding’ their children in their homes but bring them out to institutions such as HHZ to help and blend into society.

And Mr. Gondwe says the organisation is deeply saddened that many girls with disabilities are often left helpless once impregnated by able bodied men and challenged the law enforcement officers to do their best to bring such culprits to book.

He said the wretched situation was a major impediment to the social-economic progress of disabled girls and women in their lives.

“As HHZ we are deeply saddened that many of disabled girls as well as older women are impregnated by able bodied men who often abandon them and this is a serious matter which the government through law enforcement wings should address urgently,” said Mr. Gondwe.

Mr. Gondwe further praised BOZ for the humble gesture and challenged other banks and business houses in Monze to emulate the central bank in coming to the aid of persons with disabilities.

In a vote of thanks, Misheck Masheke  has observed that most public buildings in Monze were not user friendly for persons with disabilities and called on the  government to ensure law enforcement on land developers so that all public buildings have lamps for use by
persons with disabilities.

He also tasked the government to ensure that inclusive education was implemented at all levels of education  in order to end stigma and allow persons with disabilities to participate fully in the development of the country.

“I want to bring to the attention of the government that persons with disabilities have continued to face challenges in accessing most public buildings here in Monze as they are not user friendly to persons with disabilities. I therefore call on the government to enforce the law so that all land developers provide lamps for us to ease our movement around buildings,” said 22 year-old Masheke.

“Also persons with disabilities being taken to special schools is a good idea, but these schools are a source of stigma which hampers us to fully participate in all spheres of development and going forward I want to urge the New Dawn government to live up to our dreams and foster inclusive education at all levels of the education system,” he



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