Government offices will be occupied by people you don’t want if you don’t vote – M’membe

SOCIALIST Party leader Fred M’membe has urged Zambians to register as voters so they can vote for people they desire to the lead the country.
After registering as a voter this morning, Dr M’membe said government offices would never remain unoccupied on account of some people not voting.
“You’ve heard it time and time again, but it is your duty as a citizen to register as a voter. Exercise your right to vote in next year’s elections,” he said.
Dr M’membe said those who would not register to vote would not take part in choosing the leadership of the country.
“There will still be people who will occupy those offices but it will be people you did not vote for. It will be people you may not desire to have as leaders, so please please please please register as voters,” he said.
He said one simply needed a voter’s card to change a government, and not guns or pangas.
While acknowledging the long queues and delays that have characterised the registration process, Dr M’membe said Zambians must endure the queues while making the “necessary noise” to get to Electoral Commission of Zambia to make changes to expedite the process.
He said much of what was important “to us” was at stake and that there were real consequences that came with not voting.
“The fact of the matter is the outcome of elections will affect you – whether you’re interested in politics or not,” he pointed out.
“Don’t fall into the trap that thousands of Zambians have fallen into and believe you don’t matter. You absolutely do,” he said.
After registering at Ngwerere Basic School in Lusaka’s Garden Compound, Dr M’membe returned to his office.


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