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Mboole Residents happy with Kaluli Development Foundation – KDF Works

Residents of Mboole village of Choma District have praised efforts by Kaluli Development Foundation KDF with support from Gossiner Mission of Germany for conducting community sensitization to strengthen community preparedness and response to get the number of COVID-19 cases trickle down to zero.
Speaking to Choma Maanu Radio News Crew, Mboole Secondary School Parents Teachers Committee Treasurer Mrs. Harriet Kalaula have hailed KDF for being practical in the fight against COVID-19.
She said KDF along with the Ministry of Health are the only ones leading the fight against the pandemic in Sinazongwe and Choma districts of southern province.
Kaluli Development Foundation is running radio programs on Choma Maanu Radio Station to discourage people from disregarding ministry of health guidelines on social distancing.
And Mboole Secondary Head Teacher Mr. Stedwell Gandula described Kaluli Development Foundation as the most hardworking institution in the district.
He said KDF has donated some equipment used to fight Covid 19 such as hand washing buckets, soap, gloves, work suits and gumboots among others.


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