Sunday, September 25, 2022


Small  scale farmers in Monze District have expressed profound  fear of poor maize crop harvest during this year’s farming season following the dry spell that has persisted for
some time now.

Speaking in an interview today, Monze and Pemba Districts
Farmers  Union Association Chairperson Mr. Simon Malambo said the dry
spell that has hit most parts of the District will certainly affect
crop yields in the District.

He observed that the rain pattern for the District had been
unfavourable to enable maturity of most crops including maize.

He called on the government to start mitigation measures against
expected hunger in the District following the prolonged dry spell
which has led to massive withering of maize crops which has been
scorched by the heat.

Mr. Malambo noted that it was clear that climatic change was to blame
for expected poor crop yields and urged the government to channel more
resources to irrigation as a major mitigation measure.

“” As an Association we did our crop assessment in the District and
what we found on the ground is that we do not expect any life for our
crops anymore due to this prolonged dry spell and we  call on the
government to start thinking of mitigation measures against looming
hunger in the District,” said Mr. Malambo.

“And reasonably so, irrigation would be the best option for the
government to mitigate the effects of climate change”.

Meanwhile, Mr. Malambo also heaped the blame on the meteorological
department for what he described as, “failing farmers” in the
provision of adequate weather information to enable them plan well for
farming activities.

“I must say that as small scale farmers we are disappointed with the
meteorological department for failing to constantly provide us with
accurate weather information to enable us plan well in our farming
activities,” said Mr. Malambo.



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