By Precious Mwambula
National Action for Quality Education in Zambia (NAQEZ) has welcomed the birth of computer Studies Teachers Association of Zambia (COSTAZ) .
NAQEZ Executive Director Aaron Chansa has said COSTAZ has come at a right time when Zambia is pushing to becoming knowledge based society when many nations of the world are using ICTs as tools for education for expanding national economies.
Mr Chansa revealed that apart from providing a special platform for Teachers of computer science in schools, colleges and universities, NAQEZ urges the new association to advocate for ICT policy in education. Adding that the policy should act as a guide for computer Studies in schools.
He further said NAQEZ pledges to work with COSTAZ to push for one computer one child policy in Zambia.
Mr Chansa explained that they will not allow situation where the average computer/ pupil ratio is at one computer against 200 pupils.
Adding that thousands of computers need to be sent to schools especially rural schools were computers are still mysterious and very few learners rural part of the country have touched a computer.
He disclosed that it will be impossible to realize the 2030 vision we some children left behind.
NAQEZ Executive Director has however said government cannot fail to buy computers and solar panels for schools in rural areas.
He has since appealed to the Ministry of Education to make computer Studies stand alone department in schools. Adding that this subject is important to sit under mathematics department.
Mr Chansa said the time school system shall practically embrace computer Studies at early grades, Zambia would become center of innovations.
NAQEZ has since encouraged all computer Studies teachers in Zambia to unite around COSTAZ and make sure they help improve computer Studies situation in Zambia.


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