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Siavonga joins the rest of the country in Observing African decentralization and local development week.


By Precious Mwambula

Siavonga town council in Siavonga of Southern province has joined the rest of the country in Commemorating African decentralization and local development week whose theme is the contribution of arts culture and heritage to sustainable development of African cities and territories.

Officiating at the event Siavonga town council chairperson Given Kwapu revealed that government had empowered local people to part in the development of their communities.

Mr.Kwapu implored that citizens need to make use of the opportunity of making their own budget for development purposes and has called on women and youths to make cooperatives so to benefit from government funding.

Siavonga town council chairperson disclosed that the it is for this reason that government has given power to local people to develop their local communities.

And Siavonga district fire brigade sub Officer Obrian Sakala has thanked government for the decentralization as they are bringing services to the local people to ensure that every Siavonga resident benefit from government programs

And Siavonga residents have thanked government for decentralization as they have high hopes of helping their families through CDF funding in the district from the cooperatives they will form

SourceKariba FM


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