As Tayali pleads with court to grant him an interim injunction
OPPOSITION leader, Chilufya Tayali has pleaded with the Court to grant him an interim injunction to restrain Lusaka businessman Chitambala Mwewa from issuing defamatory remarks which he says have caused tension in his household.
The Economic and Equity Party (EEP) leader, Mr Tayali complained to the Lusaka High Court that Mr Mwewa has continued to publish defamatory statements against him which has ruined his reputation resulting in loss of clients, loss of political party supporters and also caused tension in his household.
In this matter, Mr Mwewa sued Mr Tayali early this, demanding damages for libel for alleging that he was deported from the United States of America on accusations that he ‘raped’ a daughter of a famous clergyman.
Also sued together with Mr Tayali is a Lusaka resident Tyrese Mwanza for accusing him of having a sexual relationship with his 15-year-old daughter who worships at Miracle Life Church.
Mr Mwewa has also sought an injunction to restrain Tayali and Mwanza from publishing similar defamatory words against him.
Mr Tayali has however asked the Court to grant him an interim injunction restraining Mr Mwewa from issuing defamatory remarks against him.
In his further affidavit in support for an order of interim injunction filed into Court, Mr Tayali stated that upon Mr Mwewa being granted an injunction, he then began to publish defamatory statements about him (Mr Tayali) on his Facebook page called Simon Mwewa Lane.
He stated that on November 13, this year, Mr Mwewa posted that Mr Tayali was a commander that sits in his rent free house after jogging, then plots and schemes on who he can slander for 30 pieces of silver among other allegations.
Mr Tayali stated that on November 11, 2020 Mr Mwewa against posted that ” instead of focusing his efforts on the same return of Queen Sheba ( which to be totally frank will not happen), Queen Sheba knows that the civil war in Ethiopia is easier for her to deal with than come back and live with a complete maniac like Tayali,”
The EEP leader accused Mr Mwewa of trying to infulence the public into thinking that his wife had left him because he was irresponsible and unbearable to live with which was untrue as he was a responsible husband that puts family first.
” He further keeps bringing up a rape case to make the 1st defedant appear immortal in the minds of citizens when in fact he is not as the 1st defedant was acquitted of the said rape case,” he stated.
Mr Tayali said that on November 16 this year, Mr Mwewa again posted that he will not become a senior citizen, unfortunately for him he will die bitter , frustrated and financially crippled amongst other allegations.
He stated that all statements made by Mr Mwewa were untrue and he shall be put to strict proof.
” That on 12th August 2020 the 1st defendant (Mr Tayali) filed an application for an order for an interim injunction which has not been granted till todate,” he stated.


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