Saturday, September 24, 2022


PATRIOTIC Front (PF) senior member Chishimba Kambwili has told off President Hakainde Hichilema that his days in office are numbered if he continues to mistreat Zambians.
Mr Kambwili also warned Mr Hichilema that the brutal arrests and detentions he is inflicting on others will be done on him also when he leaves office.
Mr Kambwili said it is sad that Mr Hichilema is governing the country against his on words.
The former National Democratic Congress (NDC) president and Information and Broadcasting Minister said President Hichilema promised people arrested on non-serious cases will be given bond but to the contrary people are now spending five to seven days in police cells which is very unfortunate.
“My dear brother if you continue like this your days in office are numbered. I am advising you without malice make sure these issues stop, these issues must come to an end,” Dr. Kambwili said.
“If any Zambian is arrested treat them in accordance to the law,”he said.
Mr Kambwili said “The same way you are treating people you will also be treated the same,’
Detaining someone for longer period without any charge, he said, is extra judicial punishment which is unacceptable.
“We had alot of hope in your statement because you were arrested 15 times and I was arrested 12 times, but you want people to go through what you went through, my brother that is not leadership,” Dr. Kambwili said.
Dr.Kambwili however urged Mr Hichilema to immediately direct police at Kasama police to take a PF sympathiser known as Chama American to court or grant him a police bond.
He said it is unfortunate that the police have refused to grant him police bond since Friday last week.
Chama is arrested for the assault case which he allegedly committed in 2015.
He said there is too much breach of rule of law under the UPND regime.
Meanwhile Dr Kambwili appealed to Mr Hichilema to stand by his words to allow freedom of speech to flourish in Zambia.
He said what is currently happening is totally different to his promise.
“One of your MPs has reported Mr Nakachinda for expressing his views. Let’s change Zambia for the better instead of what we are seeing,”Mr Kambwili said,” Dr. Kambwili said.


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